Friday, June 27, 2014

Photo Gallery: When Houses Warn You In Advance

I have the opportunity to view a lot of houses.  Sometimes, the houses come with a message.  Here are several examples:

Nothing says "Home" like the promise of immediate passage into the afterlife.

Of course, the home becomes easier to sell if the the promise of death is limited to just one room of the house.  Plus, the threat isn't taken so seriously because they can't spell and still get their 'b' and 'd' confused.  Definitely an easier sell.

And finally, while doing the home inspection, it makes things much easier when the home tells you where to look for problems.  This was a helpful sign for my clients.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

FOR SALE: Renovated Historic Victorian

I just listed this awesome Victorian era home for sale:

This home was constructed in 1887 and has been fully renovated from the ground up.  It has a new roof, windows, electrical, walls, plumbing, kitchen, bath, etc., etc.  The home has four bedrooms and three bathroom with elegant tile floors and new carpet.  The home still has its original 12-foot ceilings and stair banister.

Here is a video tour:

Here are the details about the property:

If you are in the market for a historic house, CONTACT ME, and lets find an architectural treasure for you to call home.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

JUST SOLD! Historic Jefferson Ave. Victorian

I just closed with a client on the purchase of this property on Historic Jefferson Ave. in Ogden, Utah.

Located at 2633 Jefferson Ave. this home was constructed in 1890.  The home is 2700 Square Feet and was subdivided into a triplex at one time.  After the area was dedicated as a Historic District, the home was slated for consolidation.  The roof failed on the home within the past 10 years and caused extensive damage throughout the building.  Nevertheless, the property is situated in a very desirable location and has a lot of architectural appeal.

The home was originally listed for sale in April 2007 for $134,900.  In November 2007 the price was reduce to $129,900.  The listing expired in November 2008 and the property was relisted in July 2010 for $114,995.  The listing expired again in October 2012 and the property was immediately relisted for $99,000.  The property went under contract in April 2013 but the contract fell apart in August of that year and the listing expired shortly thereafter.  The property was listed for the last time in January of 2014 for $88,700.  My client began looking at the property this Spring and we submitted our offer at $72,500 to test the seller's motivation.  The seller wanted to break even on the sale so countered back at $86,920.  My client was eager to get going on the restoration project and accepted the counteroffer.    

The project will be extensive and ongoing.  Here is a video tour of the home in its present condition:

If you are interested in restoring a Victorian or Craftsman home in Ogden, or want to see what beautiful finished homes are available for sale, CONTACT ME, and let me show you what opportunities await.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

FOR SALE: Elegant South Ogden Two Story Home

I recently listed this beautiful home for sale in South Ogden.

Located at 2021 E 6225 S, it is conveniently located near shopping and amenities.  The home has been recently painted in two-tone and freshly carpeted.  New contemporary light fixtures have been installed as well.  The home makes excellent use of space and provides an open floor plan and graceful transitions.

Here are all the details on the property.

To give you a taste for the interior of this property, here is a slideshow tour:

If you are interested in scheduling a private showing or want a current price update, CONTACT ME.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

OGDEN RISING: Before and After Gallery of Ogden's Renaissance

I was recently reading a ZeroHedge article describing the recent wave desolation that has descended on Detroit.  To make their point, the writer made use of Google Street View's new Time Machine feature. If you have a moment, take a look at the article.  It is both fascinating and disturbing.

That is when I started thinking about Ogden's transformation.  Having been derided by the rest of Utah as something of a leper colony during the last half of the 20th century, Ogden has pulled itself up by the bootstraps and made something remarkable of itself over the past 15 years.  The community is blossoming.  The amazing metamorphosis continues as illustrated by Google Time Machine.

The top photo is the southwest corner of 26th and Jefferson Ave. in 2008.  What was once a sketchy fourplex with a decrepit home hosting dozens of cats to the east, has become a beautiful single family Victorian home today.  

Here on the 500 block of 22nd Street we see two dilapidated rental properties.  Due to the handiwork of a pyromaniacal youth, these two unseemly properties have ironically made way for future development.

The 1900 block of Grant Ave. has been the focus of efforts called The River Project.  There is a lot of new construction going on.  This is a site of future apartment housing.

The 2100 block of Jefferson Ave. has had a makeover as well.  In 2009 the multiplexed houses in the top photo were acquired and knocked down to make way for new urban infill housing.  These homes are all owner occupied.

The same thing occurred on the 2500 block of Quincy Ave.

Whey Hwy 89 was the only road from Idaho to Salt Lake City, motels sprouted all along the main road through Ogden.  But when I-15 arrived and was placed west of the city center, these motels lost their customer base and most turned into flophouses.  Here we see the notorious Ogden Lodge before and after.

Finally, we have the Ogden Temple whose transformation is reshaping downtown Ogden.  We can see it's original form, its fragile skeletal frame during disassembly, and its reinforced bunker-grade concrete and rebar shell during reconstruction.  

Ogden is reclaiming its place among Utah's great cities and the changes in the streetscape are a testament to a bright future.

If you are looking for a home in Ogden's great neighborhoods, CONTACT ME.  We will find a place that is right for you.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Top 4 Reasons Realtors Choose To Work For Vesta Real Estate

Our office is currently interviewing real estate agents who want to join our team.  Is Vesta a right fit for you?   If you are thinking about getting your real estate license, looking for the right place to grow your existing real estate business, or looking for professional development, here are some reasons Vesta could be the best fit for your success:

Compensating Experience While Providing Opportunity for Growth

We recognize that not all agents have the same business plan.  Some are part-time due to family or other employment obligations.  Others are engaged full-time in real estate and are the only breadwinners in their home.  Some have been in the business for decades while others are just entering the market.

Our goal is to compensate our agents fairly for their experience and expertise while opening the doors for all agents to gain experience and grow their business.  Our commission structures are flexible and based on our agent's experience and personal business model.  Our Agent's commissions are designed to increase as experience increases.  

Want to know what you would earn at Vesta Real Estate?  Contact me and lets set up a time to discuss the possibilities.

Culture Counts

A real estate brokerage is a sales and service organization.  We don't make widgets. We work with real people who have real needs and real emotions.  In such an organization, culture is absolutely important.  Does your brokerage treat you like a human being or as a statistic on a spreadsheet?  Does your broker call regularly to see what needs you have to help grow your business?

At Vesta, we view the agents working at the brokerage as a team.  We have respect for one another and our business goals; and we work together to achieve common interests.  Most importantly, this company culture starts at the top.  Agents working for Vesta can expect true support from their broker and wisdom that comes from over 10 years of experience spanning some of the toughest years in the real estate market.  Agents can expect an advocate and a mentor in their broker.

Want to find out for yourself?  Contact me and let me share with you what Vesta can do for you and your business.

Diversity in Business

Vesta is a full-service real estate brokerage.  We have experience in dealing with many niches such as historic properties, complicated seller finance transactions, REO and bank owned properties, income properties, as well as the traditional buyer and listing transactions that are the bread-and-butter of our business.

This broad range of experience brings opportunities for growth and business to our agents as they learn how different aspects of the market function.  

Vesta also has its own property management arm which is an added asset for our agents and clients. Many homeowners are still upside-down on their homes and do not have enough equity to sell their property without incurring a loss.  That is where Vesta Property Management can help Agent's clients maintain their good credit by leasing the property while they pay down their mortgage.  When market conditions are right again for the property to be sold, Vesta Property Management refers the properties back to the listing agent.

Cool Central Location

Our nicely furnished office is located on Historic 25th Street in Downtown Ogden.  The many restaurants and the historic ambiance of the street make it a great place to wine-and-dine clients.  Meanwhile, its central location makes it convenient to access all of Weber County.  The office will not disappoint visiting clients.

So, is Vesta Real Estate right for you?  If you are interested in expanding your real estate business, working with like minded professionals, or being part of a team effort, give me a call and lets sit down and talk about the opportunity that awaits.  You can reach me (Jeremy Peterson) at 801-390-1480.