Saturday, February 28, 2015

PHOTO GALLERY: Victorian Splendor

Ogden has many great historic homes.  I recently had the opportunity to view the Dee Home which was built in 1889.  The detailed craftsmanship inside was beautiful and amazing.

If you are looking for a Victorian Mansion to call your home, CONTACT ME, and let's see if we can find the perfect fit for you.

VIDEO: The Case of the Exploding House

It is important to be mindful of gas lines.  Here is a recent example of an exploding house in New Jersey.

The explosion injured 15 people.  Remarkably, no one died in this incident.  Here is a picture of the home now.  All that remains is the basement.  Interestingly, notice that the patio furniture is intact.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

FOR SALE: Updated Affordable Townhome

I just listed this townhome in Ogden, Utah.  The property is located at 804 12th St. across the street from Gramercy Elemenarty School.  Here is a video slideshow of the property.

The home is 1288 SQFT on two levels with 3 beds and 2 baths.  The upper level has vaulted ceilings and a contemporary kitchen.  The entire unit has new carpet and two tone paint.  

There is a deck off the dining area and a detached 2-car garage for parking or storage.  

If you are interested in viewing this property, CONTACT ME, and let's schedule a private showing.  

Thursday, February 5, 2015

OGDEN RISING: The Proof Is In The Pudding

Ogden continues to make a name for itself in the media.  For your benefit, here are a collection of recent accolades for our community:

1.  Forbes - Best Places for Business 2014 - Ogden #11
2.  Forbes - Best 25 Places to Retire in 2014 - Ogden  #18
3.  Forbes - Best Places to Raise a Family - Ogden #3
4.  Deseret News - Provo, Ogden, Salt Lake City Rank Best in U.S. for Top Tech Jobs
5.  The New Yorker - How Utah Became the Best Silicon Valley
6.  INC. - Move Over Silicon Valley:  Utah Has Arrived

We still have a lot of work to do, but the efforts are bearing fruit.  As we keep up our efforts, the economic harvest will multiply.  Ogden's future is bright!

If you are wanting to move to the Ogden area, CONTACT ME, and let's find the right neighborhood for you.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


After showing dozens of homes to clients over the past months, its time to showcase some more incredible photos...

I always appreciate homes that are primed and ready to show.

These sellers must have known we were coming.

 Structural integrity is always a big selling point.  So, its always interesting to find framing jobs that take "artistic liberties".  For the record,  floor joists should always sit vertically, not horizontally.

Ever stuccoed the interior walls of your home?  These guys have.

You know its time to fire your plumber when the duct-tape-to-pipe ratio is way out of line.

Look at that beautiful crown molding as it meanders its way all over the corner of this room.  Beautiful nonsense.

Need a door kicked in?  I know some people.

Second guessing your skills as a stone mason?  Me too.

Introducing the rare, yet coveted, bedroom sink.

You made an addition to the building, you say?  I barely noticed.

And this was the nicest room in the house.  You should have seen the room we found with all the terrified teenage kids in it.  Their dad was wearing a hockey mask.  Strange family.  Oh well.    

A grand walkway, to a tree trunk.

Want to kid proof your electrical?  Put your switches 6 feet off the ground.  

Found this "sink" in the "kitchen" of a mother-in-law "apartment".  This dude must really hate his mother in law.  

The old roof-under-the-deck trick.  

 A/C piping and exposed sewer lines can make for an attractive addition to your finished bedroom space...or not.

Oooo...a fun guessing game. Where does the wire go?  

Have you ever installed your water furnace 90 degrees the wrong direction?  A sawsall and a white metal grill will make people think you really meant to do it that way.  

Pushing the frontiers of junction box technology.  

Thanks for viewing.  Look for more wacky photos in coming months!