Thursday, December 4, 2008

Historic Re-Development: Quincy and Fowler Avenues

As a compliment to my previous post Path to Better Neighborhoods, I thought I would shed some light on an interesting project underway.

This fine Arts & Crafts style home is part of the city's effort to rejuvinate the 25th block of Quincy and Fowler Avenues. Both streets boast historic grade cottage victorian homes and bungalows. They are very cute neighborhoods. This home happens to be new construction and imitates the style and character of the homes around it. Several of the existing homes in the neighborhood have already been restored.

This particular home excites me because it has so many of the features of a traditional early 20th century home. I am particularly impressed by the wanescoating, mission style light fixtures, wood casings, and doors. The floorplan is also reminiscent of older homes except with modern usability kept in mind.
This particular home is about 2600 SQFT which included an unfinished basement. There is a master suite, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths. Matching detached garage in the back

There is plenty of space in the back yard.

The kitchen is modern with a mud room leading out to the driveway.

Still plenty of room for two more period new construction homes to be built soon.
The best part about this home is that its for sale for only $189,900...well below the $220,000 you would normally pay for a home of this quality. They city is also offering special financing for this home. If you or anyone you know is interested in quality historic style housing, have them give me a call at 801-390-1480.

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Regency said...

Jeremy- Let me know if you have pictures of the places they tore down to build the new ones. I sold the five-plex to the city to make room for the project. If you don't have photos let me know and I will see if I can find them. It would be cool to let people see the before and after shots. Good job Ogden in making a difference.
Brandon Stanger