Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh PLEASE Help Me! Here Are My Demands....

I got a perplexing phone call this week from a person looking for housing. This person made $640 a month income (not a typo) and was desperate to find a place to live. Section 8 housing had been subsidizing them.

I informed them that I didn't have any place that they would qualify for but another landlord may have a property for them. Then came their punchline: "Oh, and I must have a place for my two big dogs. I won't get rid of them just because I have to move, you know."

Whatever happened to adapting to survive?

This is a crazy example but we all need to keep in mind what we bring to the table when we negotiate a housing transaction (or anything else for that matter). If we have a weak hand, we need to recognize that and accept the market's terms. Otherwise, we need to spend some time strengthening our hand. An entitlement attitude certainly won't carry us very far.

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