Saturday, January 15, 2011

Things To Do In Utah: Midway Ice Castles

I had the opportunity to visit the Ice Castles attraction in Midway, Utah.  It is a very cool experience...especially at night.  It cost $3 for kids over 3 years old and $5 for grown ups.   

The structures measure between 10 and 18 feet high right now.  The creator is constantly adding water to form new ice and they grow daily.  What you see here is only two weeks worth of ice growth.

The lighting creates an other-worldly experience.

Here is a shot I took looking straight up inside one of the "castles".

The kids enjoyed themselves.  Obviously, the ground is very slippery so make sure you wear good shoes.

Make sure you head to Midway before the end of February to catch this very interesting and one of a kind attraction.  Hopefully, we can convince this guy to come and create of of these things for WinterFest 2012 in Ogden.

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