Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ogden Rising: Historic Style Residential Infill

Many of you are aware that Ogden City has been intensely focused on rejuvenating its urban core.  One of those areas of focus has been to build new homes where old obsolescent ones once existed.  Back in the 1990's when this effort first started, the mistake was make of building homes that looked like ones in the suburbs- vinyl wrapped boxes with a big garage out in front.   Although the homes were new, they looked totally out of place for the historic nature of Ogden.  Since that time, better minds have changed the arrangement so that historically minded infill has occurred and is occurring.

One of these new projects is just down the street from my home.  Last year I brokered the sale of some blighted Victorian era homes for demolition.  It would have been nice to restore them but they were too far gone and with the exception of maybe one, could not be salvaged.  Now that they are gone, construction has begun and I have to say I am highly impressed with the style of the homes being built.

There are five Victorian style homes being built next door to the Historic LDS 4th Ward Chapel.  They are about 2500 SQFT each and for sale in the $150's with lots of financing incentives.  EMAIL ME for more details on these very cool homes.  Come be a part of the new Ogden experience!  

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