Friday, May 27, 2011

Ogden Redevelopment: Update June 2011 - Walmart, Earnshaw Building & Berthana Building

Investment and redevelopment in Ogden continue on several fronts.  I wanted to highlight several more projects that are ongoing:
The Earnshaw Building

The Earnshaw Building is located just south of the Children's Treehouse Museum in the The Junction located at 23rd Street and Keisel Ave.   It is a mix of 32 residential condominium units and retail space on the main level.  The residential units and much of the retail space remains unfinished.  Deseret Book occupies and operates its space on the ground level.

The Earnshaw Building was recently purchased by Beckstrand and Associates after it was foreclosed on last summer. The collapse of the real estate market in 2007 put real strain on the original project owner and ultimately the project needed to be reset through a write off bad debt and change in ownership. 

The Berthana Building

A recent Standard Examiner article reports that a significant sum of $750,000 is being invested for capital improvements into the building.  The edifice is being reworked to accommodate an upscale medley of businesses including an enhanced sports bar and entertainment venue. 

(Photo courtesy Standard Examiner)
The structure was constructed in 1915 and boasts some very classic mission style ornamentation.  It is located on 24th Street just east of Lincoln Ave. and across the street from The Junction. 

(Photo courtesy Standard Examiner)

It will be a wonderful place when finished.  The exciting part of this project is that it is all being done with private investor capital. 


And finally we have the opening of Walmart at 20th St. and Wall Ave.  Unlike most of the "Blue Whale" stores that you see, Walmart agreed to follow city guidelines and add some architectural appeal to their store to give it, and the area, some dignity.  I am pleased with its appearance.  Also, my recent shopping experience there was quite enjoyable.  The store and patrons were very pleasant.

As you can see from these photos, the store is a positive economic force compared to what was once there.



Ogden's investment in the future continues...


Jed said...

Why is it still called the "Earnshaw Building" when Earnshaw Enterprises is no longer involved?

Is the Copper Club also renovating the Berthana ballroom, or just the street level for the sports bar? It was unclear in the newspaper article. What is the latest chapter in the bridge expansion from the Eccles Conference Center?

My favorite part of the Walmart experience was smooth riding shopping carts on an evenly paved parking lot.

Jeremy Peterson said...

Jed, maybe the new owners will rename it. My understanding is the ballroom at Berthana is being remodeled as well. No new news on the sky bridge. I am sure we will be hearing more about it.